well, I just imported most of the older entries. Realized there were some old “pages” in there that needed to be nuked, too, so I took care of those. Keep in mind, the older entries have been through two iterations of this site (first on Squarespace, then in WordPress on DreamHost), and I’ve done some minor tweaks here and there. Otherwise, though, I’ve kept them mostly intact as I liked some of my old writing.

I’m learning about server administration slowly but surely. Really glad I switched to my own server, as it opens up a lot of possibilities for what I can run on my server. I really wanted to run my own instance of Bitwarden and my own NextCloud, and well, it’s happening now! I like having a Searx instance, too, which is quite fun. YunoHost has been really friendly and easy to use overall, so I’m quite pleased with it.

I am also working on re-learning C again, now armed with a few free e-book tutorials that will hopefully help more than the websites I was using before. I tried looking at 2nd and Charles for C programming books, but no dice. Next time I go there, I’ll definitely look again, but it was mostly Perl and Python and other languages, which was surprising; I’d think people would snap those up. Oh well. I have a PDF of K&R’s second edition, so that’ll be a useful reference here and there, but the tutorials I found are more entry-level and will be great.

I’m currently copying my whole music collection over to my phone. For some reason, my phone has about 400 songs less than my laptop, and I’ve wanted my phone to be a virtual mirror of the laptop music collection. As a result, I nuked the whole collection on the phone and I am copying it all over again. Hoping all will be well after that.

It’s been a good day today. We went down south to Broomfield, got some delicious BBQ, then went to Longmont and got beers at Left Hand before going home. Weather is a bit cooler than it’s been in a long time, so I am happy for that too. When I was taking the trash out earlier, we had (I’m guessing) at least 20-30mph winds blowing around, and super overcast skies, so that was fun. I am so looking forward to fall and the deep freeze of winter. I like my winters dark and deep and utterly snowy; time will tell on that.

anyway, wanted to post on here. I am drinking some beer and playing around on the computer in general tonight. thank you for reading!!

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